Friday, September 21, 2012

Latest Inspiration

I've been looking around at other lighters, particularly people who worked on Toy Story 3. I loved the lighting and atmosphere that movie created and impresses me every time I think about it. I wanted to find out who worked on it and two names stuck out; Jordan Rempel and Mael Francois.

Rempel is a lighting artist who worked on Toy Story 3. He is really really good at conveying mood and I am especially impressed with his animated light beams displayed in his demo reel (something I've struggled with). His website link is

Francois was one of the lighting TD's on the movie. Francois has also worked on the movie "Where The Wild Things Are", "The Tale of Despereaux", and the video game "Splinter Cell". It's no easy feat to integrate 3D characters in real life scenes like in "Where The Wild Things Are" and I love the look and feel of the scenes in Despereaux (especially how real the eyes and hair look!). Francois has a portfolio page at

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